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May 20, 2013
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PMG: Splash by Fairewind PMG: Splash by Fairewind
:iconpinksparklesplz: :iconparadisemusicgroup: :iconpinksparklesplz:
"Awaken your tastebuds with new Berrry-flavoured Slash!~":iconbuhuuplz:

FRICK THIS ACCOUNT :icondeskflipplz:
I need to remember to be more active here, honestly...
Forgive me for all my dead RPs and late replies, honestly I feel awful about it! :iconyoyocryplz:

Currently making the PMG star cards and preparing in advance my text on secondary characters and managers which will be posted as soon as the Splash event ends. And on that note, my entry in the Splash event! My idea is to set up a poll in :iconribbon-knight: and whoever gets the most votes'll win - seems fairest that way.:iconnagasumihohoplz::iconsanhohoplz:

Anyway. Cherry.
Seemed like this suited her the little trumped up ass she is. She's probably hoping a ton of fanboys drool over it so she can call them gross later. She's a class act. :iconehewinkplz: She probably followed her manager's advice because this struck them as "refreshing". and yes of course she has a berry flavoured one

Okay nowo try and recruit more PMGers - wish me luck.:iconherotimeplz:

Cherry Berry belongs to :iconfairewind: / :iconribbon-knight:
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Lovely job ribbony! :iconqwertyuiopplz:
The colours are wonderful here! c:
Going for sex appeal, eh Cherry? :iconnotbadplz:
Teallight May 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the soft lighting :)
Cherry is such a sweetie. It seems that with every work she manages to make herself look sexier and more adult-like.
I feel sorry for her fanboys =w=
Cherry you are looking fabulous here!! :heart: The sparkly background was a very nice touch. I think it pulls the whole thing together. And of course Cherry is beautifully done here Ribbon. How did you do the water? I still haven't quite figured out how to do water very well.
Cute! Great detailing on the background.
Prismshard May 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh gosh I love the colors and the water!!!! >w<

Look at Cherry, showing off and being such a hottie~ She seriously looks great!♥ She sees to have this eye-candy thing down, huh? XD
Also major props on the foreshortening. That is always so tricky!
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